Laguna Clays, Tools and Raw Materials


We are the only Authorized Distributor of Laguna Clay Company products on the Big Island. This arrangement allows us to offer these products in our store at the lowest possible prices while providing service and support before, during and after the sale.

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Below is a  selection of  most of  the Laguna Clays we stock.

Low Fire & Stoneware clays available in 25 lb. bags for $16.00 and up.

Porcelain Clays available in 25 lb. bags for $19.00 and up.

Low Fire Cone 06              25 lb. bags

EM210   White  (Low Fire) 

EM 207  Red  (Low Fire)

EM345 Raku  K  (Low Fire)

and more

Cone 5 Clays  Stoneware    25 lb.  bags

WC365 Hawaiian Red II

WC376 Dover White

WC393 LB6

WC398 WS-4  

WC401 B-Mix ^5

WC402 Half & Half

Wc403 Speckled Buff 

WC433 Grey Stone

WC436 B-Mix w/ Grog ^5

and more 

Cone 5 Porcelains      25 lb. bags

WC861 Hagi Porcelain  ^ 5 


Cone 10 Stoneware     25 lb. bags 

WC370 Amador

WC372 Big Red

WC373 Dark Brown

WC375 B-Mix

WC376 LB Blend

WC412 Stony White

WC823 Rods Bod

WC843 Soldate 60

WC885 Granite

WC835 Death Valley

and more 

Cone 10 Porcelain     25 lb. bags

 WC428  Baba Porcelain ^10

WC384 Dave’s Porcelain

WC631 Porcelain #550

WC896 Frost 10 Porcelain

We also supply potters with raw materials for glazes 

Please order all raw materials and powered form glazes at least 24 hours in  advance.  

We will have your raw materials /powered glazes weighed out and ready for store pick-up. 

Call (808-935-8380) or e-mail us ( for your price quote.

Tools and Equipment:


We are proud to carry Pacifica Potter’s Wheels from Laguna Clay Company. 

We also stock Kemper Tools as well as a full line of Laguna Glazes and raw materials for glaze and clay making.

Click Here  to view Laguna Clay Company’s online catalog.


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