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“LOVIN’ THE TI PLANT PICTURES! Now that these lovely gals are up – we can appreciate their origin – it is rainy & that sun refuses to stay out for too long here on our West Coast of British Columbia.”   Amandah & Chris

I met this couple at my booth during the February Waimea Cherry Blossom Festival. I’m so happy they chose these three original silk painting ti plants, which they purchased mounted, unmatted and unframed. They had them completed nicely by professionals in their home town.

These ti plant “gals” were created last October for my customer and friend Sumiko, who wanted my artwork to complete her four new vacation rentals. However, she lives right at ocean side and the salt for framed, glass or plexi-glass pieces would not work out well. Plus, purchasing multiples of 12 originals for the unit’s sitting rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms, warranted canvas giclee prints rather than original works of art. So we had Robyn at Hilo Fine Art (formerly Keaau Fine Art) create the giclees for her Bhudda’s Ocean Retreat in Hawaiian Paradise Park ( If you go to the site and look at the photos, and you’ll see more of those artworks on the walls. She and her husband Dan have created a very choice home on a great piece of property with beautiful gardens and pools, both for fish and water lilies, and a lovely human pool. The nene often visit too because it’s so pleasant. A primo vacation rental if you need one or to refer for visiting friends and relatives.

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